Spartan 6 FPGA Development Board including DDR SDRAM, 100M Ethernet, AC97 codec and DVI-D

₹ 17,500.00

Waxwing Spartan6 Development Board is a low cost FPGA development board with a lot of features including DDR SDRAM, 100M Ethernet, AC97 codec and DVI-D. Waxwing Development Board features Waxwing Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA Mini Module with high density connectors for external IO interface. This Development board makes it easy to evaluate and build solutions with Waxwing Spartan 6 FPGA module. The Development board also provides easy access to JTAG signals on a standard Xilinx Platform Cable compatible header. Applications Signal Processing Product Prototype Development Communication devices development Educational tool for Schools and Universities Development and testing of custom embedded processors Board features Spartan 6 FPGA (XC6SLX45 in CSG324 pacakage, on Waxwing Mini Module) DDR: 166MHz 512Mb LPDDR 100M Ethernet (LAN8710A) National Semiconductor LM4550 AC‘97 audio codec Flash memory: 128 Mb SPI flash memory (W25Q128FV) 100MHz CMOS oscillator DVI-D Connector for video (Compatible with HDMI) 8 bit VGA output connector 2 Channel Audio Out through 3.5mm audio jack 16 x 2 Character LCD Display Micro SD Adapter Three Common Anode 7Segment LED Displays Seven On board Push Button Switches 44.5mm x 35.1mm Mini breadboard for easy prototyping High Speed USB 2.0 interface for On-board flash programming. FT2232H Channel A is dedicated for SPI Flash Programming. Channel B can be used for custom applications FPGA configuration via JTAG and USB On-board voltage regulators for single power rail operation Dimensions: 180 mm X 120 mm