PC USB Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator.

₹ 9,450.00

Features Cost effective, PC USB Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator. It can be used to disengage computer. Simulation of sensors and real word signals. It can be used as the other products signal generator module, no need computer. It will produce the needed arbitrary waveform signal when power on. 200 MSa/s of sample rate, 12 bits of vertical resolution. 25Mz Arbitrary waveform output (sine wave up to 75 Mz). One computer can be linked with several DDS-3X25 to expand multi-channels. 50 MHz frequency counter. 12bits pattern generator. USB interface, plug and play, no need external power supply, compact and portable. Operating system: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Second Design support: Labview\VB\VC\Delphi\C++Build. Provide second design examples. Arbitrary waveform ouput Wave frequency DC~25MHz DAC clock 2K~200MHz adjustable Channels 1CH waveform output Waveform Length 4KSa Vertical Resolution 12 bit Frequency stabilization <30ppm Amplitude ±3.5V Max. Output impedance 50 Ω Output current 50mA Ipeak=50mA System Bandwidth 25M Wave distortion -50dBc(1KHz), -40dBc(10KHz) Frequency Counter Frequency area DC~50MHz Input Amplitude 400mVpp~18Vpp Coupling DC frequency precision ±time base error ±1 count input impedance > 100KΩ Pattern Generator Digit 12 bits pattern generator and 6bit digital in Type LVCMOS Working Environment temperature 0~70 centigrade humidity 0~95% Weight 0.3Kg