Carrier board for TE0729 Zynq-7020 SoC Micromodule

₹ 11,000.00

Product information "Carrier board for TE0729 Zynq-7020 SoC Micromodule" The Trenz Electronic TEB0729 carrier board provides low-cost connection and extension to Trenz Electronic micromodules from the TE0729 series. Features Trenz TE0729 Module Socket (2x Samtec Connectors, 120 Pins) 5V Board supply via DC-Jack (with Current Limit Switch - MP0510) 3 x RJ45 Ethernet 1 x MicroUSB 1 x SD card connector 1 x 128K I2C CMOS Serial EEPROM (24LC128) 1 x 2K I2C Serial EEPROM with EUI-48 Node Identity (24AA025E48) 1 x User Push Button 1 x Red LED 1 x XMOD (TE0790) Pin Header 1 x User Switch FPGA Boot Mode 2 x Pin Header FPGA Bank Power supply 1 x VBat Pin Header 2 X VG96 Pin Header Package Content 1 x TEB0729-02 Carrier Board for TE0729 Required Hardware Switching Power Supply 5 VDC XMOD FTDI JTAG Adapter (see Accessories)